Solutions for the participative economy.

Traceparent allows to manage informations related to economic exchanges, online:

Who has to transfer how much to whom? Why? What's the status of these transfers? To fund which project? What's the status of this funding? Etc.

These value exchanges can then be coordinated, in an interoperable manner, to facilitate the setup of new business models in synergy with the digital world and consumption awareness.

These logistics (API that can be integrated into existing infrastructures) were originally designed for « crowdfunding », « crowdsourcing », collecting copyright royalties, subscription, tie-in products affiliation, etc. for the audiovisual domain.

However, they can be applied to other domains (including fair trade, charity, accountancy, complementary currencies, anti-corruption, social economy, etc.).

Traceparent is the result of 3 years of life-sized research, performed on an experimental platform, which was originally dedicated to help new business models for digital content to emerge and flourish: